How BlaCat Will Disrupt and Revolutionize Gaming

Developers’ profits are being squeezed by publishers at a time when game development has become extremely complex due to the need to balance user experiences for both free play and paying users.At the same time, players are spending more and more money on items to advance in the games, which are not portable and decline in value over time. Blockchain technology facilitates the development of an ecosystem that delivers about majority of the revenue to the developers, provides financial support for certified developers and an open source SDK that allows them to bring their games to market quickly. It also allows gamers to retain full game asset ownership and a transparent game economy with a trustworthy peer-to-peer virtual exchange marketplace.

Solutions-Pay For Assets-A Revolutionary Gaming Model

Large and Growing Addressable Market

In 2018, the global gaming industry had approximately 2.5 billion gamers, 4.4 million developers and was projected to generated revenues of over US$120 billion. The industry is expected to grow in the high single digits over the next five years based on independent research from iResearch. While still in an early stage, the blockchain game industry is expected to grow at a 100% compound annual growth rate (CAGR) and reach approximately US$13 billion over the same time period.

Blockchain Technology to Usher in a New Era of Gaming

The gaming industry has undergone several major shifts with the most recent being the transition from pay-for-time to free-play/pay-for-items in the 2000s. Blacat believes that blockchain technology has the potential to revolutionize the gaming industry once again by creating a new game economy “pay-for-assets” that solves the major problems inherent in the current free-play/pay-for-items model.

BlaCat Solves Key Issues for Developers and Gamers

BlaCat delivers the majority of the revenue to the developers and allows gamers to retain full game asset ownership accordingly.

Collaboration with NEO Public Blockchain

NEO provided Blacat with US$2M. BlaCat collaborates with NEO to promote the ecological development of blockchain technology establish blockchain game standards where discover potential game developers and games.

Experienced Executive Team

Blacat’s executive team has 15 years of experience in the video gaming industry. The Company currently has 30 + full-time employees and has established nodes in North America, Asia and Europe.

Target in 5 Years
  • Gamers/Users 100M+

  • Game Developers 3000+

  • Annual Income Over 5B usd

BlaCat very close to launching the platform and is currently working with 10 developers, putting it a step ahead of others seeking to enter this space. Given the early to market opportunity, the Company plans a global launch as quickly as possible, with an initial focus on key gaming markets in China, North America and Europe.

Sean Chen - BlaCat interview at NEO DevCon 2019

Introduction- Who We Are

Team with over 15-years Gaming Industry Experience

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Advisory Team

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BlaCat TimeLine

  • 2019 Q3

    -BlaCat1.0 Beta online

  • 2019 Q4

    -Torch Plan launch

    -Partnership Plan launch

    -Launching <2> games

  • 2020

    -BlaCat 2.0 online

    -1M+ users

    -20+ games launched

  • 2021

    -120+ games launched

    -5M+ users





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